Purpose and Voice

Successful blogs have a clear purpose and a clear voice.
The purpose of this blog, The Learned Life, is to share what I have been reading and learning. But recently I have felt torn between wanting to write about the field of English Literature (which I study as a graduate student) and about the Christian faith (which as I study as a laywoman). I have realized that for me the learned life has both an intellectual and a spiritual component, and so this blog will reflect that.

Wisdom is the combination of knowledge and the fear of the Lord.

In the future, you will see posts about my classes and studies as well as posts about the theological or biblical texts I read. Like the Jesuits, I believe education should address the entire person, mind and soul. We must not only concern ourselves with what we learn, but with who we become as we learn, ideally becoming people concerned with spreading justice and compassion throughout our families, communities, and the world.


As far as having a clear voice, my inclination has been to quote the authors I’m reading and to share links to their writing. Compared to other authors, my words seem inadequate. But, although of course I will give credit to sources I use, I want this blog to be a platform for my own voice as a writer. Thus, for now, I am going to refrain from giving lists of links to other online articles or quoting chunks of text that other people have written. I have, however, updated the “Blogs I Follow” section, and so if you are interested in what I read most often online, I encourage you to check out those sites.

In other news, I am starting a new bi-weekly Saturday series called Tastes; the first installment will go up tomorrow. In these posts, I will give a glimpse of what I’ve been reading, watching, and/or listening to, as well as one intellectual issue and one spiritual issue over which I have been mulling.


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